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To secure, or not secure your loan?
That is the

A secured loan uses the asset being purchased meaning collateral, in this case the car, as security for the loan. If you the borrower can’t repay the loan, the lender can reclaim the asset to cover the costs. Although if the sale of the asset doesn’t cover the full amount owing, the borrower must pay the difference.

The benefits of a secured loan is that usually it comes with a lower and fixed rates, as the risk to your lender is lower.


In an unsecured loan scenario the lender does not use any assets as a security (no collateral). This comes with a higher charge interest rates when compared to secured as the risk is more for the lender.

These types of loans are not generally for cars, because you can usually save money by using the vehicle as security. Some situations that an unsecured loan might be useful for a car, is if the car being purchased is not an acceptable asset for that specific lender, if the asset is too old or even if you wish to borrow more than the actual purchase price by a substantial amount to cover costs or customisations to the car.

Buying a new or used car.
Whether you are buying a new or a used car, financing options can vary. Not surprising, but getting finance for a new car is usually more affordable as interest rates tend to be cheaper.

If your car is a fossil (15 - 25 years old), some lenders may not even give you the time of the day. If you do not have an expert loan marketplace, who provides you with a large and diverse panel of lenders you may be left with an unsecured loan which will attract higher rates, meaning you pay more.
Car loan term/period.
The length of your car loan can cost you money or save you money $$$. This makes it a very important consideration when you are thinking about getting car finance. As a rule of thumb, the longer your loan period, the smaller the repayment amounts but the more total interest you pay.

You should aim for a loan agreement that is affordable and allows you to comfortably make your repayments whilst minimising the interest. Be aware of any fees or charges for paying out your loan before the agreed period, as this can blow out your costs. Loan Options reveals hidden fees and gives you confidence that you are getting the best deal.
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When it comes to which lender to choose, you're spoilt for choice.
Banks, non-bank lenders and private lenders generally offer secured loans, and their rates can vary from being competitive to very expensive. Car dealers also offer finance, but would you ask your car salesman about financing? That's what we thought…Jump onto our loan marketplace, Loan Options and find out for yourself!
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Interest rates!
Interest rates!
Interest rates!
You hear it everyday on your TV, news feeds, and radio. But what of it? The best thing to remember is to research, research, research!

Shop around to make sure you're getting the best deal and tailor your loan agreement so that the repayment levels and interest rates suit your circumstances. You can do this with us, by comparing 60+ lenders instantly, so you know you are getting the best deal
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Vicki Fraser
4 days ago
Chantelle is amazing to deal with, nothing was too much trouble, she was thorough and extremely helpful and accommodating to my requests. Chantelle worked out the best solution for my personal needs to move forward with my life and she ensured I was informed every step of the way.😊 I cannot recommend Chantelle highly enough. A huge thank you Chantelle 🙏
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Mary Ann Luague
4 days ago

Pan Bhandge was very efficient and professional. The transaction was seamless and fast I never have to worry about anything. I'm very very busy so that matters. Not only did I get a good fair deal, it saves me from looking around.

Thank you Pan. You deserve the five star

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Mrskat Charman
4 days ago
Pan was a great help in finding me the right personal loan. He always kept me up to date with the process and was alway available should I have any questions. I really recommend Loan Options. Excellent service thanks again Pan?
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Loan Option
Paul Ciantar
4 days ago
Great service quick and easy so much better than a big bank ???
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